We offer affordable site design that will give you a custom look that sets your company apart from the crowd. When designing a website or application we focus on usability so that the site is easy to navigate and use by everyone. We also offer customization of stock templates to help save you money!


We can custom build any size web application to fit your needs. Whether it be a simple content management system or a complex business management system, we can handle it. One of our larger projects was a web application for a trucking company to schedule loads and drivers and to track vehicle maintenance and repairs. Although we focus on web applications we can also program desktop applications.


Whether it is a one-time touch up or a monthly updated we can keep your site current. For example we keep the front pages of Wiggle 100 and 95.3 The Bridge up to date on a weekly basis.


We offer hosting though a world class data center. This data center is build to keep your site live and your data secure. Backup generators, redundant gigabyte connections, security cameras, and biometric access all work together to keep your site online and any private information safe. We offer a variety of hosting plans to fit your needs and your budget. You even get free email accounts with a hosting plan.

If you anticipate heavy peak demand, processor hungary processes, or massive amounts of data we can build your application to use scalable cloud services that can expand and contract as needed.

SEO and Online Advertising

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Every site we build we try to make it rank highly in all search engines. There are many factors that effect search engine rankings. If search engine ranking is important to you we can spend extra time optimizing your site to rank highly with various search engines.

If just optimizing your site is not bringing you the crowd you need we can supplement that with low cost search engine advertising. The great thing about online advertising is that you can target your audience and only pay for people who actually visit your site.