Here are a few of my recent programming projects. I also have some web site projects listed on the Portfolio page. I am available for creating custom applications. Please contact me to discus a custom application.

Web Bank

Web Bank Assignment

This project was my final assignment for Dr. Youmin Lu's Advanced Java (56.221). The assignment was to create a basic web banking system using JSP. I of course could not stick to the simple requirements and instead created a slightly more complex project then was needed. I used JavaScript to validate all my forms and CSS for the layout. There are a lot of improvements that could be made. There are a lot of browser specific CSS and JavaScript bugs that I did not have the time to work out. This server cannot host JSP so I cannot host a demo of my project but you are welcome to download a zip of the project here.

Work Order & Parts Management System

I am in the process of designing a system to track parts, sales, and service work for RV, automotive, and ATV dealers and service centers. This will we a web based service. I have begun some of the code and welcomed aboard a partner with a bit more experience than myself. We are both still in school with heavy class loads but we hope to have an alpha version to test by mid-summer 2011. Please let me know if you have any interest in working on this project or testing the application.

Other Stuff

I have several other projects floating around in my head. Most of which are far too in depth for me to complete on my own while in school. I would elaborate here BUT since I hope to someday actually tackle these projects and make them into a successful business I don't care to give any possible competition a heads up.