Principle Enterprises:

This website and online application was built using HTML, CSS, PHP, and some AJAX. This was a complete renovation of CAF Trucking's web application that we build for them several years ago. The focus of their business had changed and the application needed to change with them. We are periodically still adding new tools and functionality as they discover additional needs. We have also provided onsite training to teach new employees how to use the system.

Pepper Logging :

Pepper LoggingThis customer just wanted something simple since the content does not need to be updated often. This website only uses HTML and CSS. The customer choose a template which we customized to better fit their needs. We also did search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising, and the occasional update.

Penny's Patches:

We designed this website for a local quilting shop. This site allows the owner to easily edit the pages through a built in text editor. We also built several tools to allow the owner to add and maintain quilts for sale. Another custom tool tracks all visitors and what pages they view then gives the owner useful statistics. This site was built with HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript.

CAF Inc Trucking:

This website and online application was built using HTML, CSS, PHP, and some AJAX. I worked with another programmer to build this site in two phases over a year. I designed a prototype, programmed various sections including all public areas, and performed testing and debugging. The application is used by a trucking and brokerage company to track load information, Currev RV Website drivers, trucks, and vehicle maintenance. As the trucking industry changed with the gas exploration in the area the web application changed as well. We have since done a massive overhaul on the application.

Curren RV Sales:

We built have built several sites for Curren RV over nearly a decade. We built a custom backend allowing the dealership to easily post and edit information about specific RVs and will allow the customer to easily search for a RV that fits their criteria. An ambitious rebuild is in the works with a goal of relaunching in early 2013.

Wiggle 100:

We have been maintaining this site many years. We added and rebuilt several tools in PHP (previously ASP was used). We rebuilt all of the backend to allow the station easier control of the site content and to to enable a move away from a Windows server.

95.3 The Bridge:

We built this site from a template The Bridge already had. We built a PHP backend to allow for editing by the station. This site is also receiving an updated backend similar to that used for the new We perform regular updates on various parts of the site.