Welcome! My name is Josh Curren. I am a senior at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. I am a Theatre major with a Design emphasis and a minor in Computer Science. I know, you may be thinking that is a strange combination. But, today computers have snuck their way into almost every aspect of life and theatre Josh Curren is not immune to that. Technology is making it easier for theatres to produce the near impossible. One area of theatre that technology has vastly improved is lighting. Theatre lighting is controlled by sophisticated computer systems and many of the lighting fixtures have build in 'computers' that allow them to move, change color, and produce spectacular effects.

I own a very small company called JA Curren Web Design. At JAC Web we can build any size website or web application. We can design, build, and program just about anything for the web. We also offer hosting, domain names, email, and more. Check out the Website Design page for more information. You can also view some of my web projects on the Portfolio page.

I grew up on a farm in a Gillett, Pennsylvania which is a very rural area near Elmira, New York. I am the oldest of three. I have a brother, Zach, and a sister, Emilie. My dad, Todd, owns a RV dealership in Pine City, New York and my mom, Pam, is the building secretary at Mosherville Elementary School. Josh in the Pumpkins I graduated from Troy Senior High School in June 2008 (we had graduation on Friday the 13th).

Since the summer of 2003 (the year my dad bought the RV dealership) I have worked there doing various tasks. During the fall of 2007 I started working at Cantroair Communications which owns four radio stations in Troy, PA, including Wiggle 100 and 95.3 The Bridge. I started my work at the radio station as a 'Service Learning' student (pretty much an intern). I started with some basic uploading of commercials and programming. I quickly started to run the board during high school On Air football games and NASCAR races. Eventually I started to record weather announcements which Josh in the Wiggle 100 studioled to me occasionally being on air.

In high school I was involved with the drama department, treasurer of the Interact Club (part of Rotary International), Cobblestones (a traveling show choir), concert choir, FBLA. I also received a full scholarship from the Troy Rotary to attend the Rotary International District 1410 Leaders Camp at Keystone College.

In fall 2008 and spring 2009 I attended Albright College in Reading, PA. I really enjoyed Albright and the faculty there were amazing. I learned a lot and finshed the year with a 3.75 overal GPA, but I quickly learned that a private school was extreemly expensive! Due to the high cost and several other factors I decided to transfer to Bloomsburg University.

I have been at Bloomsburg since and like it for the most part. The town is much nicer and safer than Reading. At Bloomsburg I learned that you really do learn more in small classes like at Albright. Most of the faculty at Bloomsburg are just as great as the Albirght faculty, but have many more students and cannot teach as effectivly as the faculty at Albright. Most of the theatre classes at Bloomsburg do have a class limit of 16 so the faculty are able to devote time to each individual student. Bloomsburg also has some professors that are truly horrible at what they do, but because of the larger size of the departments they do not get noticed by the department chairpersons or administartion (and are tenured so the administration just ignores the problem). It is thanks to one of those horrible professors (in the Computer Science department) who was also my advisor, and the department chairperson who ignored all the compaints (such as the advisor blowing of requests for a meeting), that the Computer Science major became a minor.